Friday, August 5, 2016

Why "Reflective Posts" Instead of "Discussions"?

I don't believe I've used my term of Reflective Posts here or not, but I have mentioned it a couple times on Twitter. Maybe it's time to get some thoughts about this out of my head...yes. Let's do it.

What's the difference, anyway? For me, discussions address certain topics but aren't personal. Yes, the writer of the post does put their own opinion in there, but it's within a much broader discussion. At least, that's how it feels to me. Below are what I would classify as discussions:
  • How reviews help
  • How much should we think about pageviews
  • Popular posts types in the blogosphere
  • Blog uniqueness and personality
  • DNFing ARCs
  • Etc.
Do you get what I mean by broad? Even if the topic itself is different and very, very specific, they feel like general . . . discussions, for lack of a better word.

Discussions are what seem like the most popular type of post in the blogosphere, but I can't say they're my favorite. Part of that is that I don't like to write them! I struggle with them because I worry about getting something wrong or judging the relevancy of the topic. I also struggle with writing something that I haven't already seen so many times before. Unless there's a personal element to the post, I oftentimes find many discussion topics to be recycled over and over. They get repetitive to me after awhile. A lot of people have similar thoughts on the same topics, so I oftentimes come across a discussion and feel like I've already read it or thought enough about it. Then I feel like I have nothing to contribute because everything has been said already. I love seeing topics I haven't seen addressed, but as you would guess after the next paragraph, I'm probably not going to be the one writing about something new.

So, when it comes to writing about a topic, I decide to add a more personal twist. I reflect upon my reading and blogging habits and experiences and then ask you guys some questions at the end. I find them to flow so much easier for me and I don't have to worry as much about being "wrong" (even though I probably wouldn't REALLY be wrong in a discussion post) because it's solely my opinion. I call these reflective posts in my head. A discussion may come out of the post, but it feels weird to call them "discussions" because they don't feel like what most discussions I see. Sometimes I feel like this is a bad thing, like I SHOULDN'T be writing reflective over discussion because it degrades the quality of the post and narrows my reader base. That's just how I blog, though. So many people say "just do you" and that's what I do. 😃

I'm aware that my perception of discussions is probably different from a lot of other people's. I may not be connected to the blogosphere enough for my views to be accurate (though they're my opinions and therefore accurate for why am I saying that?) My reflective posts are most likely still considered discussions by most of you and you may be going "seriously, Kaitlin, there's no difference." There's been a difference to me, though, and that's why you may see me mention reflective posts here or on Twitter/Instagram.

What do you think of discussion posts? What do you think of more reflective type posts? Do you struggle with writing/filming one over the other?

Happy Reading! ~ Kaitlin 😃

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