Monday, September 12, 2016

My Relationship With Science Fiction

This goes with my science fiction recommendations! In this post, though, I'm going to share what I think of the genre, what works for me, what my TBR looks like, etc. I've been really wanting write posts on different genres, topics, themes, etc. so I may be working on similar posts to this soon.

Overall Thoughts on the Genre
Meh. That's the word that comes to my mind when I think of science fiction. I mean, I do like some sci-fi books--enough to make a recommendation post on it--but when I'm not in the middle of one of the great books or aren't watching a video where someone talks about a book with enthusiasm, I just don't feel that interested in the genre. That's why I consider it one of my least favorites. Plus, I've had a lot of meh experiences with sci-fi books.

However, this is also a genre I'm gaining more interest in. I want to like it more. I sometimes watch booktube videos where someone talks about a sci-fi book and why they're excited for it, and then I get excited for it and forget that the genre isn't currently my thing.

What Works For Me
  • Romance - Books with romance are my comfort zone, so if I read a science fiction book with a great romance, all the other elements are bound to be easier for me to get into. Or, if I don't get into them, they don't bother me as much.
  • A fast pace - Sometimes I find sci-fi to be very . . . boring. The ones I get really into tend to move pretty very quickly. I don't mind slower paces in other genres, but it's really easy for me to get bored with a slow sci-fi. I'm drawn to thriller/sci-fi combinations. 
  • Light sci-fi elements? - I'm not entirely sure on this, but I think I prefer it when the elements are just a bonus instead of a focal point. That reminds me how I prefer politics in books since politics-heavy scenes can make me feel like I'm slogging through the pages.
What Intimidates Me
  • Time travel - This is one of those things that I see so many people get super excited about, but it doesn't interest me quite as much. I loved it in Loop by Karen Akins, though. 
  • Space - Planets, space ships, gadgets, battles: books set in space feel like they have a lot to keep track of. Sometimes I just don't care that much. Even though I love the Saga graphic novels, sometimes, the war between the different planets doesn't interest me that much.
  • Very technical language and/or a lot of detail - It's not exactly that it confuses me, but rather that I just don't care that much? It's not a big deal to be given a lot of details on specific scientific stuff. I like good world building and creative concepts, but if there's a ton of detail, it weighs down the pace or me.
My Science Fiction TBR
I attempted to group these books together by themes or related genres, but it just wasn't working out. There are some space-set books, some dystopias, and some with a more modern setting (I think). I don't own False Hearts or Sleeping Giants, but I'm planning to get them from Overdrive. There are a few more books that I could add, but 16 sounded like enough. :D

Sci-Fi in Films/TV Shows
I love Orphan Black and The 100! Under the Dome went well for me, though I got stuck in the third season. Does Jessica Jones count? I usually associate superhero type stuff with science fiction. Guardians of the Galaxy went well for me, though its sci-fi-ness didn't interest me that much.

I've seen the first couple seasons of the Doctor Who revival and as much as I really want to love it, my eyes practically glaze over if I try to give my complete attention to it. I always found myself needing to multitask while watching it so I wouldn't feel bored. *shrugs* I watched some of Gravity and felt so over it so quickly, even though I love Sandra Bullock's movies. I've never had much of an interest in Star Wars, Star Trek, Firefly, or Stargate. I watched some of Daredevil and liked it, but haven't felt the need to continue watching it. 

Sci-fi movies and tv shows don't really appeal to me and I think that's part of the reason I feel so meh about genre when it comes to books. It's not a genre that keeps failing me over and over and over when I read. I'm not tired of it. The idea of reading more science fiction and getting more into the genre actually feels exciting! So, why should I automatically feel so meh about it?


what are your thoughts on science fiction? Does it usually go better or you in books or in movies/shows? What should I read sooner than later? What should I add to my TBR??

Happy Reading! ~ Kaitlin ☺

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