Thursday, November 17, 2016

This Short Fiction Post Is Longer Than Expected (Spotlighting Short Films)

This is pretty different from what I usually post, but it is on something that I just got into!

I've been really into short stuff this month. I'm talking comic issues, short stories, flash fiction, short films, and possibly more. So much of my mood revolves around these bite-sized pieces of fiction and I'm really liking exploring them. ESPECIALLY SHORT FILMS.😍 I was wondering around on YouTube last Friday, trying to give my mind a break from politics, when I stumbled across a trending animation called "Sleep."

After that, I saw the recommended videos below (I was in the app) and spotted videos starting with "CGI Animated Short Film." I watched one, then another, and then I spent my weekend lost in these super creative animated films that were anywhere between two to eighteen minutes long. (I'm not sure on the level of CGI used, but most of the films I saw had it. Some didn't, I think.) I fit a couple non-animated ones in, but eh. They're not the same.

Below are some of my favorites so far. I tried to keep it a short list, but I just kept remembering films that I HAD to include.

"Johnny Express" - A bad delivery person lands on a planet inhabited by microscopic purple beings. I personally found it kinda scary, but it's really supposed to be cute and funny.

"Mom" - As the caption explains it: "This is a story about a woman, who was a baby, daughter, lady, wife, and mom." It's a very quiet film, but memorable. It might make you cry.

"Coda" - Man dies, meets death, pleads to be shown more of life. The art is minimalistic, but very pretty. 

"ED" - Trigger warning for suicide. This opens up to a scene where a man (animated as a rabbit) is about to commit suicide, then it follows two timelines that meet at a different scene. One timeline moves forward, showing how glamorous and adventurous his life had been. The other timeline goes back in time in chunks from the beginning scene. I love the storytelling of this film so much!

"Zero" - Zero lives as the ultimate outcast in a world where judged based on what number you were born as, and falls in love with another zero. The stop motion animation is amazing! It has some pretty dark and grim moments, but it's a good story.

"Madame Tutli-Putli" - This one is also a stop motion and it's a little tougher to explain it since it can be interpreted in many different ways. The basics are that a woman gets on a train with a TON of baggage and sometime during the night, things start getting very weird and very creepy. It's a macabre film, so be prepared for that. Also, one of the other passengers on the train acts quite lewdly.

"Home Sweet Home" - To me, this is a story of a house that is tired of sitting still and decides to get up and find adventure. On the way, an older house decides to tag along and the two travel together. It has many sweet moments as well as many sad ones.

"The Counting Sheep" - This one is a really short one about an impatient sheep from the end of the line.

"Dustin" - This is is a very cute film about a dog who has to deal with his new housemate: an automatic cleaning robot. They fight over pieces of dog food. :D

I'm embedding some of the shorter ones that I really love.

"Overcomer" seems like the ultimate "you matter" message. It'll most likely make you cry. It touches on the anxiety and depression that the creator went through. It's a beautifully done project and I'm pretty happy that I came across it. (And the entire thing is just under six minutes long.)

Since I've included so many sad recs (hey, I tried to include happier ones), here's something fluffy. "Dust Bunnies" is about, well, dust bunnies fighting against a maid who is vacuuming the floor. It's about four minutes long. :)

Let's Chat!
I used to be so reluctant to get into shorter, more condensed stories (mainly when it came to reading). Reading a book that's only around 200 pages? What? I would pass up all the shorter stuff because many of my previous experiences left me feeling unsatisfied. Short novels can feel underdeveloped and that made me really nervous to pick them up. There's a certain art to short stories, though. Since they the idea/concept doesn't need to span an entire novel or series, I think it allows for a lot of creative freedom with themes, characters, plot, etc. Or maybe I just think that because many of the short fiction that I'm coming across is so new to me and I don't have a lot of other stories to compare them to. I haven't read/seen a ton of short stuff yet, but so far? I'm fascinated.

Anyway, I have lots of questions:

What are your thoughts on shorter stuff like novellas, short stories, poems, flash fiction, short films, comic issues, etc.? Are you reluctant to get into them or are you really into them? Or have you not thought much about it?

Do you have any recommendations of any short fiction variety? I've been trying reading from whatever short story collections I can find at my library, but I really want to read more stories posted online (like from and Fireside Fiction).

And lastly, do you also watch short films?? I don't know anyone who does yet!

Happy reading! ~ Kaitlin ☺

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