Tuesday, January 10, 2017

A Quick Ice Breaker Post

*awkwardly waves*


Whoa, this is a weird feeling. It's officially been one month since I've posted anything here. . . It's actually weirder than the previous times when I took so much time off from blogging because this time I didn't blog because I didn't even think about it. I haven't thought about what to post or about reviewing books or even really reading books. I haven't been on Twitter or Goodreads (SO WEIRD--I USED TO PLAY WITH MY SHELVES ALL THE TIME) or Litsy.

So, I've basically took a month off everything* book related and it feels a little rough to get myself back in that book mode. Please bear with me as I try to figure out how to do this blogging/book discussing thing again. :D And though I don't really believe in apologizing for doing whatever my mood guides me to, I am sorry that my posts have been soooooo spotty these past few months. And so non-book related. I'm tempted to post about music (or anime or K dramas) again since that's what I'm most passionate about right now, but I'm challenging myself to focus on books!

*I got a LOT of new books, oddly enough.

As a quick ice breaker, I thought it would be nice to share some random books I would like to read. I'm not necessarily saying I'll read them SOON, but they are books that have been popping up in my mind lately.

I got some manga as gifts from my best friend (totally appropriate since she's the one that got me into manga and anime) on my birthday and for Christmas and they are very high up on my TBR.  For one thing, I have to lend them to her so she can also read them. :D Toradora! is one of my favorite slice of life anime! It's . . . infectious. And. So. Adorable. I'm excited about Orange because it's a short series and the few episodes of the anime that I saw were pretty good. I think I actually cried or teared up by the end of the second episode, so even though I'm excited to read the manga, I'm also a bit nervous.

The Name of the Wind is another book high up on my TBR because of my best friend. I bought both it and the sequel on separate shopping trips with her and she keeps asking me if I've read it yet . . . It's one we're both very, very excited for! 

I WILL READ ANOTHER LIBBA BRAY BOOK THIS YEAR. I used to consider her one of my favorite authors because of the Gemma Doyle trilogy (my love for that series was STRONG about five, six years ago), but Going Bovine made me question myself. I tried it three times and it always managed to somehow feel like the most boring book ever despite all the weird things going on in the story. I would reallllyyy like to finally read another Libba Bray book so my last impression isn't of something I couldn't push through.

I've been a bit reluctant to pick this up since my relationship with romance books hasn't been strong for awhile, but I recently got an email saying that my library got A Hold on Me on Overdrive! (Yay for library books. ☺) I've been hoping they would get this because the sequel was available to put on hold before it even released. I was SO EXCITED to see it, but then remembered that I prefer reading books in order, even if it's a companion series. (I actually don't know if Pat Esden's series has companions or not. *avoiding description of sequel*)

Iron Cast seems like one of those super highly recommended books, though I have to admit that I'm not going into it knowing much...? (How am I just now realizing how little I know about it?) It's just one of those books that I'm willing to read based just on the general reaction from the blogging community. My Sister Rosa is a book I've been drawn to ever since I discovered it. "What if the most terrifying person you'd ever met was your ten-year old sister?" <-- I was hooked by this part of the synopsis. I haven't looked much further into the synopsis or reviews, but I'm hoping for a lot of psychological elements.


I ran out of steam for book talk. But hey, I wrote a decent amount about ones I really want to read! I may have to do this another time to get me more into the blogging mood. It was kinda fun to just write about random books on my TBR. :)

I really can't resist mentioning non-bookish stuff right now, so here's a quick run-through of some of the things I'm currently into or excited about.

Current . . .

Favorite Music: "Second Grade" by BTS (annnddd most of their other songs),"Shape of You" by Ed Sheeran,  "Highlight" by Seventeen
Shows: Attack on Titan rewatch, Gilmore Girls, My Little Monster
Reads: Othello, Days of Blood and Starlight
Anticipated Stuff: Debut of Dreamcatcher (Kpop girl group), A Series of Unfortunate Events Netflix, SHERLOCK (I haven't seen the new episode yet)
State of mind: PLEASE DON'T SNOW AGAIN. PLEASE. (It's nice when it snows a lot for one day. It's not so nice when it snows three days straight and causes all sorts of problems.)

Happy reading! ~ Kaitlin ☺☺

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