Review Policy:
Last updated: September 24th, 2016

I'll restate the disclaimer on my sidebar:

Regardless of source, I write each review honestly. I receive no compensation for any of my posts or reviews. I'm not an affiliate for any sites. I review many books I received from a publisher or author in exchange for a review or review consideration. My opinion of the book is not swayed by this.
New rule to my policy (as of April 2015): If I haven't read an ARC within six months after its release date, it'll be taken off my review TBR. If I decide to read the book, I'll review a finished copy. The same applies to review copies of books that were already published when I received them. I'm putting this in place because after six months, it is highly unlikely that I'm excited to read the book anymore.

A Mismatched Reader is a book blog focused primarily on Young Adult and New Adult fiction. However, I have been exploring other categories and genres and will be trying to widen the spotlight on those. Contemporary is my favorite genre and feature it quite often. Within contemporary, I love realistic fiction, mysteries, thrillers, and romance the most. (I think that's essentially the whole genre. :D) I also love paranormal, fantasy, horror, and magical realism. I like science fiction and historical fiction, but I find it harder to get into books in those genres.

Since my blog is focused almost completely on reviews, recommendations, lists, and reflections, I don't accept feature requests. I'm not accepting review requests (outside of teams/tour companies I'm currently signed up for).

If you absolutely must contact me for some reason, you can find me on Twitter.

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